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The Town Hall

The first building of the town hall is on the place of the Krachamunova water mill, next to the place where Mito Damianov was hanged. It was built somewhere around 1880. The clerks worked on the second floor and the school was situated on the first floor for a short period.

It was repaired couple of times. A wooden staircase connected the two floors. After 1950 there was a medical service in the town hall with a doctor and a dentist. In 2002 the building was destroyed and replaced by a new modern town hall with spacious rooms and enough room for all the clerks and the medical service. Here we mention some names of mayors of the village: Angel Mitov - around 1912, Karmov, Vasil Mihailov - around 1930, Vladimir Mihailov (lawyer from Sofia) - 1942-1945, Stoian Genchin, Cokov from Pazardjik, Georgi Macanov, Krustyu Lazov, Georgi Kazakov, Georgi Zlatanov - 1966-1990, Dimitar Petrov - 1991-1995, Georgi Uzunov - 1995-1999, Dimitar Genchin – from 1999-2007, Ivanka Todorova - from 2007 to 2011.

The present mayor of Vetren dol since 2011 is Dimitar Hristoskov (see him on the picture on the right).

Address of the Townhall: str. "Parva" №52

Telephone number of the Townhall: 03563/99-16

Mayor: 0877877412

E-mail: vetrendol@abv.bg

Pictures of the Townhall